Creative Curriculum

At Educare Academy, we use "Creative Curriculum" this programs philosophy focuses on the development of the whole child in conjunction with the belief that hands on learning is the most appropriate way to support the development of the whole child. We have selected the Creative Curriculum based on two factors.


First, Creative Curriculum is research based and has been implemented for over thirty years. It is also flexible (it grows and changes along with the early childhood field). As we learn more from research and information, the curriculum adjusts to incorporate what is important for teachers to know and understand. 


Secondly, Creative Curriculum is an environmentally based approach to learning which supports our company's belief that children need active, hands on learning oppurtunities in order to develop, learn and grow. Research shows that children benefit more from experiences that are hands on, child initiated and adult supported. By allowing children to engage in more meaningful activities and experiences, we are supporting them as they build their knowledge base that helps them make sense of the world around them. 


Our curriculum focuses on 36 key objectives that are organized into nine areas of development and learning, designed to support positive growth and development for each child. They are: Social-emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, and The Arts. There is also one additional area - English Language Acquisition that has been developed to help educators follow a child's progress in acquiring both receptive and expressive language in English.


Through the Creative Curriculum approach our teachers implement an emergent curriculum that shares the interest of both the children and the teachers. Our teacher's guide and support children, engaging them in activities and experience that are purposeful and meaningful to them. As our teachers create their lesson plans, the activities and experiences are developed based on: input from the children / interests of the children, observation and developmental assesment information that has been collected / individual needs of the children and the appropriate guidelines / standards. The teachers support their curiosity and stimulate creative thinking and problem solving, leading them into countless directions for exploration. As each exploration unfolds, there is no limit as to how long they may pursue this interest. The duration of activities and explorations are driven by the children. The time frame and explorations they are engaged in will vary from classroom to classroom. Our teachers foster the children's growth and knowledge by determining what materials and oppurtunities may support them and developing open ended questions to facilitate further engagement.

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